Intuitive Healer

Christy HU is a psychic healer, body therapist, sound therapist.  Certified in Shiatsu by Dr Sundardas, certfied in cranio sacral by Upledger Institute   certified in lymphatic drainage also by Upledger Institute.   Received hands on trauining in chi nei tsang and karsai nei tsang by  Tao Gardens/ Mantak Chia.    Christy Hu is also a reiki grandmaster and a fengshui Master since 2003. Ms Christy is a psychic, communicate with unseen realms, healer, energy works with celestial beings, deceased.

Certified in cranio sacral therapy, chi nei tsang , and shiatsu., raymond low fengshui,

francis le yeow xuan kong da gua fengshui.


For all my energy and body therapies, as well as my past life regression and hypnosis therapy will be conducted at my studio in 317 Bukit Timah Rd.  93220209.

Got parking and 10 minutes from either Stevens or Newton Mrt.

170, 171, 48, 67, 66 will stop right in front.