Chi Nei Tsang, also called Internal Organ  Massage. Chi Nei Tsang encourages the internal organs

to detox and work more efficiently.  It also serves to cleanse the body of unprocessed emotional

charges and unwanted pollutants while harmonizing the flow of energy to all the major systems of the body.

Chi Nei Tsang literally means “working the energy of the internal organs”. CNT practitioners are trained in Chi-Kung

and work mainly on the abdomen with deep, soft and gentle touches, to train internal organs to work more efficiently. 

Good for diabetics ( I had worked on the pancreas and livers of diabetic patients and they have blood sugar returned to normal).

Chi Nei Tsang also helps alleviate emotional toxins or traumas that may be trapped in the gut.

After a chi nei tsang therapy you may have  flu like symptoms of loose stools, phlegm etc for  2-3 days

indicating a mild detox.


$150-60 mns





Kundalini Reiki Chakra Alignment/Balancing




Chakras are vortices and also doorway of our energy body or aura. They receive energies, integrate them and send them into or put of the physical body.  Chakras are essential for your health and your well being or your mental attitude.  If you feel fear or paranoia your chakras may be blocked. On the other hand,  If you feel abundance and healthy and feel compassion  your chakras are spinning well.  Chakras give out  and take in  energies from outside our body.  So they are like exchange centers with other people, entities, universe.  Sometimes  without  anyone saying anything you can sense fear or depression coming from another person.  That is because you are sensing  the other persons chakras transmitting the low vibrational feelings.

There are seven main chakras located  along the centre of the body.  From the tail bone to the top of the cranium.  There are essentially more going from above the head  to infinitum out into the galaxy  and to the core of the earth down to infinitum. The taller and longer your kundalini pole the more you see and feel.  We are like antennas.  The taller the antenna the more wave lengths can pass through it and this antenna can receive more information.  Like a tree of life or a spiritual pole.  Kundalini reiki extends this spiritual pole upwards and downwards. For beginners always work on extending the spiritual pole above the head.  The spiritual pole that goes down below go down to realms of that are dark and fierce. 

However in chakra alignment i will only be focusing on chakras within the body using  kundalini reiki for hands on healing to tune and quicken chakra vibration and frequencies. 
Our chakras need function well  If for example your throat chakra is blocked you may have difficulty expressing yourself, speak your mind and will be very prone to sore throats, laryngitis, mouth cold sores. On the other hand if your throat chakra is  spinning well, you can be an eloquent speaker and on  the spiritual side you can also be a master Dreamer ie have vivid or even be a lucid dreamer.

60 minutes



Cranio - Sacral Therapy

Invented by neurosurgeon, Dr Upledger who founded the Upledger Institute in America.

Cranio sacral Therapy works on the core of the body as well as the organs of the nervous system,  influences motor, pain and coordination mechanisms of the body, the digestive system, the respiratory system, heart function and the endocrine system.

 Effective for: Migraine headaches, neck and back pain, brain and spinal cord injuries, infant disorders, Trauma, Chronic fatigue, Emotional difficulties, stress and TMJ syndrome. Powerful, gentle and non invasive.  Can be applied to animals with equally effective results working on the connective tissues.

Still Point

 This is a state of bodily function of zero point.  In still point your body feels like it is floating and you feel your brain and spine totally relaxing expanding and lengthening.  You are totally relaxed yet awake.  In cranio sacral therapy still point is achieved by the therapist holding the hole (the occiput) in the nape of your neck at the back of your head.  You can achieve the same state by yourself by using a golf ball and place it at the nape of the neck in the occiput and rest of it.  You will feel totally relaxed and not drop off to sleep. Your body will drift into an altered state of awareness of zero point. At still point your body will heal and rejuvenate faster.  Contra-indications: slip disc, multiple sclerosis.


90mns- 160















Hara no chiryo 

 A Japanese DEEP abdominal massage combining physical and energy body work.  Intensive and deep muscle work on the colon, and working with the internal organs like liver, stomach spleen.  Good for those with hypertension as this can shift cholesterol and hard fats out of the body, also help with prostate enlargement and for women with a prolapsed uterus causing weak muscles and  incontinence.  This is largely detox and energizing, may get detox symptoms after the treatment over next few days as toxins and uric acid are passed out of the body.  After effects, are more urine and sweat, smelly as it is heavily loaded with toxic elements, soft stools more pass motion 2 - 3 times a day for 2 -3  days.  Not everyone has these symptoms even if you do not  have the treatment is still effective.

Hara no chiryo can combine with reiki energy treatment for deeper healing.

60 mn - $150
This treatment can help women with dense breasts or with breasts containing
hard nodules.
When the breasts are worked on- the womb should also be included because the breasts and
the womb are actually like one component.  This is why when a woman has breast cancer her doctor
will inadvertently advise her to remove her womb and ovaries and vice versa.    This treatment will concentrate
on lymphatic drainage; inducing blood flow; detoxification of breast and womb all of which can help regulate
hormonal flow  as well.  Besides the breast and womb area that will also be worked on are the insuina nodes in the thighs and the lymph nodes in the arm pits.   Good for post natal - flush out left over.   Can  also help those with menstrual issues.  Massage combine with special blend of oils. 
90 mns  -  $180



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